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PSB- The future (Read 1782 times)
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PSB- The future
Mar 25th, 2021, 11:32am
Here is the DCMS report on the future of the UK PSB system.
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Re: PSB- The future
Reply #1 - Mar 25th, 2021, 2:39pm
And the BBC website story, quickly hidden for some reason:
Government will be 'forced to rely' on BBC licence fee model, MPs suggest

And how very short politicians memories are!
Mr Knight said ministers must now legislate to enable public service broadcasters to compete in a digital world, adding that the likes of BBC, ITV and Channel 4 should also be pooling resources so they can compete with streaming giants like Netflix.

He continued: "The collaboration by the BBC and ITV on BritBox is a striking example of how they can work together to create a one stop shop for video on demand content - a model for future work."

Err, Mr Knight (who is renowned here in Solihull where he is MP, for plagiarising!) the BBC did!  Twice and the tory government had the cheek to say:
"there was a danger that the platform could be too powerful"  and "the service could "hurt competition"".  
Quotes from wiki on Project Kangeroo, one of those early ideas.
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