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Where's the 'mute' button? (Read 158695 times)
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Re: Where's the 'mute' button?
Reply #75 - Jan 17th, 2014, 9:35pm
Perhaps this is a significant step in audibility.


"The events will be launched by a keynote speech from Danny Cohen, director of BBC TV, who will emphasise the importance of delivering good sound
to the TV audience."  

"While the use of excessive levels of background music is mainly a post-production issue, the DPP spec also acknowledges the importance of recording good dialogue on location. Furthermore, audio clarity is not just a technical problem. Many complaints relate to indistinct delivery of speech by actors, presenters and contributors, so directors also  have a role to play in ensuring that dialogue is conveyed clearly."  

That last clip seems to cover all points....

I wonder, does anyone actually LISTEN to the final output of the main channels?

I mean listen on standard 'domestic' equipment.

Flat-screen TVs with downward-facing speakers are notorious.
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Dickie Mint
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Re: Where's the 'mute' button?
Reply #76 - Jan 18th, 2014, 9:56pm
Well the guidelines have always said someone not connected with the edit should listen in a domestic environment........

It will take time to dribble through, and only programmes made after the courses can be criticised if they fall short, but at last the viewer has a stick to beat the programme makers with!
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