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Licence Fee Axed. (Read 1104 times)
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Licence Fee Axed.
Apr 29th, 2022, 12:24pm
This was the headline online and in the newspapers as the government has decided that it is unsustainable in these days of multi channel viewing and streaming. 'Other ways' of funding the BBC are being looked at and therefore my question is simply this.
How will the BBC fund staff pensions in a licence fee free future?
The first thing that springs to mind is that current serving staff pay into a BBC pension scheme to fund current pensioners but further into the future in a world where private individual pensions are more common (has the beeb stopped admitting new members to the scheme?) my thinking is that would be unworkable.
Next the dreaded 'A' word, advertising.
Commercials peppering the slick plays and programmes that the beeb are so good at producing. Alternatively would the corporation rely on the worldwide sale of its products? It might be a bit of both.
I'd be interested in hearing the views of my fellow pensioners.
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