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MP's stand by BBC pay inquiry (Read 404 times)
Dickie Mint
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MP's stand by BBC pay inquiry
Jan 23rd, 2019, 9:41am
You really have to wonder at the mentality of those in charge of the Country!  (think HS2)

After reading this article i quote:

"We do not accept the argument that, in particular, long-running BBC programmes, like Question Time or Songs of Praise, which are made by independent production companies, should not have to disclose the salaries of highly paid on-screen presenters. Ultimately it is all licence-fee payers’ money, whether salaries are paid directly from the BBC, by BBC Studios or any other production company.”

“We do not agree that publishing data from independent production companies would put the BBC at a competitive disadvantage, as there is no shortage of companies that are willing to work with the Corporation. We recommend that the BBC re-think this decision ahead of its forthcoming Annual Report.

my bold.  

Why is the government always so keen on getting the Licence Fee payer value for money?  Don't they realise that all TV comes out of our pockets?  In this week's Radio Times it would appear that the majority of letter writers agree that the BBC should not pay for free over 75s TV Licences.  Except one, who quoted the worn out phrase that commercial TV costs us nothing!  Rubbish!
Every advert is paid for by us in buying the product or using the retailer advertising.

So why restrict declaration of pay to the BBC?  Let's see just how much more commercial TV pays its stars!
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