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1   / Notices, obituaries and tributes / Aidan Laverty
 on: Sep 16th, 2020, 4:20pm 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  
"The Guardian" has a tribute to Aidan Laverty- Editor of "Horizon"- here.

It is by Jonathan Renouf.

Aidan last worked for the ABC as "Head of Specialist" in the ' ABC Entertainment & Specialist Executive'.   Here is The ABC's tribute to him.

2   / Notices, obituaries and tributes / Re: Brian (Algy) Longworth
 on: Sep 13th, 2020, 11:50am 
Started by Sylvia_M | Post by JohnW  
Sad news, indeed.
'Algy' as we all knew him, was a stalwart of London Control Room, forever "firkling' with this or that, smoking his pipe (allowed back in the day!) but an expert in so many things that kept LCR going.

I don't claim to have known him all that well, but in all my years in LCR I never saw him driving a Con (probably not 'his thing') - but he loved flying and was often going gliding on his days off.

As with so many, he was very shabbily treated when LCR was 'butchered' in the late 80s. But he seems to have got ~30 years of his pension out of it!

Hopefully, more details as to his funeral will be forthcoming.

3   / Where are they now? / Re: philip thurston holland
 on: Sep 13th, 2020, 10:47am 
Started by stephij - Ex Member | Post by Administrator  
We have had a further enquiry from the family about this person, if you are able to help, please post here.

Thank you  (Admin).

4   / News and Comment / Radio Reporters Axed?
 on: Sep 13th, 2020, 10:03am 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  
According to this report in "The Observer" ...

"the BBC plans to axe all its national radio reporters and ask them to reapply for a smaller number of jobs as television, radio and digital reporters, rather than as dedicated audio journalists. "  

5   / Notices, obituaries and tributes / Brian (Algy) Longworth
 on: Sep 12th, 2020, 3:48pm 
Started by Sylvia_M | Post by Sylvia_M  
Brian (Algy) Longworth, Engineering Broadcasting House, 10th September

6   / Notices, obituaries and tributes / John G Smith - A Pebble Mill Legend
 on: Sep 10th, 2020, 11:01am 
Started by apcwmwl | Post by apcwmwl  
So sad to announce the demise of John G Smith. Producer/Director Pebble Mill Birmingham 1972 - 1987 and then principal of White Rabbit Productions. He died on his 77th birthday September 9th. in Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham following an extended period of treatment for a bowel complaint.
He will be remembered for his outstanding and extraordinarycontributions to Pebble Mill at One from items like Dreadnought Submarine, Ark Royal, Harrier Jet landings, and a myriad of music features with international artists such as Barry Manilow, Barry White, Gloria Gaynor, Joan Armatrading Culture Club, Tony Bennett,etc.
Broadcast television was his passion. His like will never be seen again.

7   / Nations, Regions, and Local Radio. / Radio Oxford at 50
 on: Sep 9th, 2020, 10:31pm 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  
We have received an enquiry regarding any celebrations of the opening of Radio Oxford in October 1970.

If any member of the forum knows of any events, please post them here.

Thank you.


8   / Notices, obituaries and tributes / School Radio
 on: Sep 4th, 2020, 7:42am 
Started by GeoMoore | Post by GeoMoore  
Does anyone have any recollections of School Radio in the mid 80's and/or the Studio Amateur Dramatic Group (SADG)?

9   / Nations, Regions, and Local Radio. / Radio Norfolk at 40
 on: Aug 26th, 2020, 8:13am 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  
Paul Hayes writes to inform us of the series of programmes celebrating BBC Radio Norfolk's 40th anniversary on the 11th September.

The BBC index page to the programmes is here.

10   / News and Comment / BBC Outside Broadcast Van MCR21
 on: Aug 25th, 2020, 4:44pm 
Started by Brian.S | Post by Brian.S  
If you have been following the progress the newsletters are here - https://bttt.org.uk/newsletter-archive/

There is much to do and help, info, pictures, hardware, is needed, can you help.

One small area of unhappiness are the Yale locks to the side locker, whilst we have keys (TX98) for the main doors we have never had a key for the skirt lockers.  There is the square key budget lock which is no problem, but we have never had a key for the Yale locks.  

Keys are the sort of thing that mike have been kept for sentimental value, did you work on any of the ten MCRs like MCR21??

If you can help or are just interested please get in touch!  Brian@mcr21.org.uk   


www.mcr21.org.uk & www.tvcameramuseum.org