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1   / News and Comment / World Service Cuts
 on: Sep 29th, 2022, 5:00pm 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  
"The Guardian" has details, here, by Jim Waterson.

"The BBC Media Centre" has more, here.

2   / News and Comment / Re: STATE FUNERAL
 on: Sep 27th, 2022, 1:52pm 
Started by MB | Post by Dickie Mint  
There's been a lot of chat about the coverage with responses from those involved on the 'I Take Pictures Of TV Studios' group on facebook, membership required but easy enough to join.

If it works,

 on: Sep 21st, 2022, 9:48am 
Started by MB | Post by MB  
How was such a wonderful sound balance achieved throughout the processional route?  It was testament to the skill and professionalism of all concerned, but how was it actually achieved? Smiley

4   / News and Comment / STATE FUNERAL
 on: Sep 19th, 2022, 10:30pm 
Started by MB | Post by MB  
Congratulations to everyone involved in the State Funeral TV coverage.   Particularly impressive was the sound feed.  A question - how were the sound engineers able to maintain a steady, balanced sound output over a mile-long processional route?  Was there seamless mixing between many sound sources?  Or were there several super-sensitive radio mics and/or sound sensors along the route? To misquote Eric: 'You couldn't see the joins'.  Any views?

5   / News and Comment / BBC plans for Whiteladies Road Bristol site?
 on: Sep 18th, 2022, 7:41am 
Started by simonm | Post by simonm  
There is an auction of canteen equipment coming up shortly at BH Bristol. Apparently the canteen is closing.

Obviously there are many reasons this might be the case, for example a new canteen elsewhere on the site, a change of catering contractor, and so on, however the BBC has mentioned in the past an enthusiasm to quit the Whiteladies Road site altogether, in favour of more modern premises.

The Astec West business park, close to the M4/M5 interchange, was mantioned at one point as a preferred location, at least for regional news and associated activities (i.e. Points West and probably also Radio Bristol). The idea has merit, for example cutting the travel time for reporters (it's a long haul to the bottom of Somerset, or to Swindon).

But the BBC has been in the Whiteladies Road premises since the late 1920s, and the TV studio Points West is currently broadcast from was originally from that era (built as an art deco dance band and general audience studio). It is in parts at least ninety years old, so must be one of the oldest still in daily use.

So can anyone shed light on what the BBC is planning now? Is the move out of Clifton finally happening, and if so what will the BBC in Bristol eventually look like?

6   / Notices, obituaries and tributes / Ken McHale
 on: Sep 12th, 2022, 3:46pm 
Started by Melanie_R | Post by Melanie_R  
It is with sadness to report my husband Ken McHale lost his 18-month battle with bowel cancer on 27th July 2022.  

Ken joined the BBC in 1973 at the age of 20 as a Telex Operator for the newsroom and over the next 33 years worked in local radio, sport, and as a Talent Rights Executive in London where he spent the majority of his career negotiating artists contracts and fees.  

He took voluntary redundancy in 2006 and enjoyed his semi-retirement by playing golf, snooker and working as a film and television extra making new friends as well as keeping in contact with his BBC colleagues.

He was determined to fight this illness, had a positive attitude, and never gave up....but it wasn’t to be, and he died peacefully in hospital.  The funeral took place on 31st August.

Thank you for all the letters, cards and flowers I have received.

Melanie (Rowlands) McHale


7   / Where are they now? / “Civilisation” (1969) Graphic Designer
 on: Sep 9th, 2022, 10:11am 
Started by RobR | Post by RobR  
I’m trying to trace the BBC designer responsible for the design of the special typeface used for Kenneth Clark’s  “Civilisation” in 1969. The Ravensbourne BBC archive shows the title sequence but it has no credit. IMDB credits my old boss the late John Aston (assistant head of Graphic Design department) for just one edition (the last) of the 13-part series, but on a project of this size that seems unusual as John has no other credits on BBC productions.

8   / News and Comment / Re: News channels to merge
 on: Sep 4th, 2022, 10:01pm 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  
Roger Mosey's view in the "The Radio Times", here.

9   / Notices, obituaries and tributes / Bill Turnbull
 on: Sep 1st, 2022, 10:53am 
Started by MB | Post by MB  

10   / History / Old media
 on: Aug 31st, 2022, 10:29pm 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  

This is a site full of old media..