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1   / News and Comment / Roger Mosey hits the spot
 on: Jun 3rd, 2023, 9:54am 
Started by david en france | Post by david en france  
I feel sure many readers of this Forum will endorse every word Roger Mosey has to say:

2   / Notices, obituaries and tributes / MARCUS PLANTIN
 on: May 31st, 2023, 5:49pm 
Started by MB | Post by MB  
Facebook posts are saying Marcus Plantin (born 1945) has died.  No further details at present.

3   / News and Comment / R4 LW to close
 on: May 29th, 2023, 9:38pm 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  
"Radio Today" has an article about the forthcoming closure of Radio 4 LW.

It may be read here.

4   / News and Comment / Re: Single News Channel
 on: May 29th, 2023, 9:19pm 
Started by Administrator | Post by WG  
Now itís quite obvious nobody is watching this-so save some money and take it off the air-test card music is better

5   / News and Comment / Re: Single News Channel
 on: May 29th, 2023, 9:28am 
Started by Administrator | Post by DMCP  
I used to enjoy the countdown to the top of the hour, with the catchy theme tune and the clock in the corner.

Sometimes it started from 80 seconds and that made my day!

Now the clock is bigger and right in your face in the centre, it's my cue to switch over to Sky News...

6   / News and Comment / Re: Single News Channel
 on: May 29th, 2023, 9:12am 
Started by Administrator | Post by John  
I already find I'm viewing Sky News more often. GB News offers a different slant on the news.

7   / News and Comment / Re: Single News Channel
 on: May 28th, 2023, 2:20pm 
Started by Administrator | Post by MB  
I think we need to blame the government first and foremost for deliberately emasculating BBC News and its finances. But I agree the new 24-hour set-up is an unhappy mish-mash which must be better thought-through and managed. People like me will turn to Sky in their droves.

8   / News and Comment / Re: Single News Channel
 on: May 28th, 2023, 1:25pm 
Started by Administrator | Post by Peter Difolco  
Well after a couple of months of the changes to news channels it is plain to see that domestic news is the biggest loser , what we now have is effectively world TV with a splattering of domestic news when necessary. While Nicky Campbells radio show may be popular it makes lousy TV viewing. It is a great shame after decades of building up a news channel audience to just let it all go , audience figures are down on where they were before the changes. A couple of questions, were the public consulted about the changes ? and why should UK license fee payers pay for a world TV channel that is predominantly aimed at the international audience ?

9   / History / To the Manor Born
 on: May 26th, 2023, 3:36pm 
Started by Tanya_R | Post by Tanya_R  
Hello,  I am working on a television documentary about TO THE MANOR BORN (1979-1981), and I'd like to get in touch with any of the production team and crew members who worked on the show.  My work email address is tanya.rumins@studiocrook.com.  Please do email me if you worked on the show.  Many thanks, Tanya

10   / Notices, obituaries and tributes / Senior Dresser Alan Hatchman
 on: May 25th, 2023, 5:55pm 
Started by Maggie | Post by Maggie  
Senior dresser Alan Hatchman (affectionately known as Maudie) has just died. His niece Angela has sent the attachment (see below) concerning details of the funeral to be held in Ashford Surrey.