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1   / News and Comment / Re: 38 degrees petition
 on: Feb 21st, 2020, 4:50pm 
Started by Maggie | Post by Administrator  
Now 207,387 signatures.

2   / News and Comment / Re: BBC next DG could work outside London
 on: Feb 19th, 2020, 4:47pm 
Started by Mikej | Post by apcwmwl  
Was this the recruiting agency that the Beeb got Dr.Who from? Does the corporation need a headless chicken? Sad

3   / News and Comment / Re: 38 degrees petition
 on: Feb 19th, 2020, 4:42pm 
Started by Maggie | Post by apcwmwl  
I've signed along with the 176,000. Can this be promulgated everywhere. We need to protect Auntie from the nasty Bad Wolf Boris, henchman Domenic. Where are the huntsmen when you want them.
Lips Sealed
The next topic on the site relsts to the ad for DG, but it fails to mention that Central London accommodation could be made available after conversion of all the spaces occupied by R1, R2, Radio London etc. if Beeb is forced to sell off the best bits. Why, there's even a street in Elstree with lots of houses, a pub, a caff & a laundrette. Who could resist?

4   / News and Comment / Re: 38 degrees petition
 on: Feb 18th, 2020, 8:25pm 
Started by Maggie | Post by Administrator  
Tuesday 18th...... 178,438 signatures.

5   / News and Comment / Re: 38 degrees petition
 on: Feb 17th, 2020, 5:07pm 
Started by Maggie | Post by Administrator  
This is a piece from The Daily Telegraph, Feb 16, by  Huw Merriman MP, chair of the all-party Parliamentary group on the BBC:  

The people's government should not be attacking the BBC, a broadcaster the people love

Even the most ardent Corbynista would have to concede that our election manifesto landed well with the public. The Government has wasted little time in putting pledges into action. We’re delivering Brexit. The recruitment of 20,000 new police officers is underway. Increasing the time behind bars for the most violent offenders is going on to the statute books.

There’s only one pledge where we appear to have gone back on ourselves and this relates to the BBC. Having promised in our manifesto to ‘work with our cultural institutions like the BBC… to expand our influence and project our values’ the noises coming from Government appear to suggest that the BBC should in fact be slimmed down and put on subscriptionn. How the Government can project our nation’s values from behind the BBC’s paywall remains to be seen.

More worrying, it feels as if senior Government aides are now ramping up an unedifying vendetta against this much-admired corporation. This culminated in a bizarre promise this weekend to ‘whack’ the BBC. Whilst some may see the BBC as in need of the type of ‘trousers-down, six of the best’ treatment which may have been enjoyed, or endured, during boarding school, this is an institution which enjoys an 80 per cent approval rating from the same public which elects its Government.

Given the majority must be the same people who propelled my party into Government, some lending us votes for the first time, it begs the question as to why we are picking such a potentially unpopular fight. In so doing, it will be the Government which is likely to get the blame when the BBC either becomes much more expensive to those who want it to remain the broadcasting outfit it currently is or a cheaper but slimmed down commercial outfit delivering much less to those who rely on its full panacea of output.

This Government has a reach beyond one voter type or regional base; allowing us to proclaim that we are a one-nation party, representing all with a determination to bring the country together. The BBC should not be a target for us. It not only brings us together at home but helps maintain our influence on the world stage. From royal occasions, commemorating and remembering those who sacrificed their lives for the next generation to cheering on our national teams and athletes, the BBC is the institution we rely on when we come together as a nation to celebrate and embrace our identity.

Of course the future of the licence fee should be up for discussion and debate before the next charter renewal in 2027. With more of our media services being behind paywall and subscription, it is right to consider whether the ownership of a TV set and aerial should be a basis to pay £154 per year for BBC television, sounds and web output.

Ultimately, it is for the BBC to argue its case and ensure that the public remains on side. Like many in this country, I hope it succeeds. We all have our own dislikes and some coverage or commentary we would not miss. Ultimately, it’s the content we do love which we will bemoan when it’s gone. This is not a fight which the BBC is picking. It’s not a contest which my party promised would occur if we got elected. This means only one thing. If the BBC ends up in decline,  if a much-loved and revered institution is devalued and if the costs go up, it will be this Government which will stand accused by the very people who we will be relying on to support us at the next election. Given this is unlikely to end well, aren’t we better off focusing on levelling up the nation rather than levelling down on an institution which is already delivering?

6   / News and Comment / Re: 38 degrees petition
 on: Feb 17th, 2020, 4:48pm 
Started by Maggie | Post by Dickie Mint  
Currently at 125,652 !

With the murdoch Sunday Times (£3) putting out a false news story:


why on earth has the BBC not yet put out a robust argument for itself?

For a start, they could point out that the BBC may take the lion's share of the Licence Fee, but that also funds (at government insistence) Local TV, S4C and World Service.  In previous years the government also dipped into it for rural Broadband rollout.

The BBC knocking newspapers, no doubt pushing murdoch's attempt to become the world's prime broadcaster, cost far more than the beeb for a start! For example, just two of them:
Daily Mail 70p M-F; Sat £1; Sun £1.80
Times M-F £1.80, Sat £2, Sun £2.90

Licence Fee (BBC, S4C, Local TV, World Service and, soon, free TV Licences for over 75s on Pension Credit) ..43p !

7   / News and Comment / Re: 38 degrees petition
 on: Feb 16th, 2020, 10:39pm 
Started by Maggie | Post by Administrator  
The petition may be found here.

Presently at 74,869 signatures. (2300hrs GMT Sunday)

8   / News and Comment / 38 degrees petition
 on: Feb 16th, 2020, 9:55pm 
Started by Maggie | Post by Maggie  
38 degrees petition has put out it's latest appeal for the continued support of the BBC (such as it is.)  They are calling for as much support as possible to prevent the Government from hammering that final nail in the BBC coffin.

9   / Notices, obituaries and tributes / Re: David Sells
 on: Feb 13th, 2020, 2:01pm 
Started by Administrator | Post by JonW  
A charming and accomplished gentleman who I was fortunate enough to work with around the world in Newsnight days.

10   / Nations, Regions, and Local Radio. / Travel News
 on: Feb 12th, 2020, 10:27am 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  
The network of BBC Local Radio Stations will voice their own bulletins, rather than rely on INRIX, from June.

"Radio Today" reports here (dated 6th February):-

"In an email to all staff this morning, Chris Burns, Head of Audio & Digital, BBC England, said “completely customisable traffic and travel scripts will be sent to each station to be read out by a member of staff”, adding that the change will “also ensure that we are providing our licence fee payers with the best value for money.”

Staff at INRIX were also told the news in a conference call, including details of potential job losses and building closures."