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"Bowls to them". (Read 1070 times)
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"Bowls to them".
Sep 18th, 2018, 12:41pm
Sir Frances Drake is said to have uttered the expression "time enough to finish the game".. even though the Armada was approaching the channel.

I doubt Sir Frances knew which channel! ....

Here, courtesy of the BBC Media Centre, is DG Tony Hall's speech at the RTS London Conference given today.

His concluding remarks...
"Smaller can be beautiful. Letís in our own way, emulate Sir Francis Drake against an Armada of competitors. Agile, creative, bold, taking risks, backing talent and passionate for what we believe in. Yes the Big Shift is happening - but with the right backing, we can win."

He said...

"Each hour of BBC TV watched by a household costs it 8 pence. For an equivalent SVOD service thatís around 17 pence. And for an equivalent pay TV service it starts at 35 pence per hour.

Itís a similar story in audio. Each hour of BBC radio listening costs each household about 2 pence. For ad-free music streaming services itís around 10 pence.".

"what the BBC can spend from the licence fee on its UK services has been cut by a fifth - £800m - in real terms. Itís the consequence of a decade of top-slicing, and then freezing the licence fee for seven years, and then more top-slicing.

In real terms, thatís meant nearly half a billion pounds out of our annual budget for new TV programmes."
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Re: "Bowls to them".
Reply #1 - Sep 18th, 2018, 8:00pm
I understand his rather obscure message but it doesn't ring true with me. Back in the 90s I was a lone voice in protesting that no-one, neither the people nor a Government, had authorised the diversion of huge sums from the licence fee to fund on-line and other internet activities, especially those buses touring the shires teaching people how to use a computer. What started in a small way, like Topsy, just grew and grew and, worse, it grew without any real plan, and became a huge mess, interfering with the print news and magazine business leading that industry to make justified complaints to Government. It has become a nightmare, destroying in a decade half a century of quality and standards.  And then, Lord Hall capitulated on the question of OAP TV licences, robbing the Corporation of much needed cash. And whilst all this was happening we had the farce of BBC 3, and all the other PR disasters like Savile,  that destroyed public confidence and trust.   So we have arrived at a time when - as can be seen so plainly this week, the Corporation is being forced to admit it it failed to "Inform and educate" on Brexit and is now busy trying to close long-open stable doors, and is trying to shrug off outspoken comment from The Times, The Daily Mail etc that its news service has become sex-obsessed trivial garbage, driven by a dubious agenda of political correctness.  If, as it appears, OAPs are going to have to start paying for their licences again in 2020, the last vestiges of loyalty to the BBC will evaporate amongst the audience who, for most of their lives, have put their faith and trust in what they mistakenly believed to be the world's best.
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Re: "Bowls to them".
Reply #2 - Sep 20th, 2018, 11:22am
Why don't the BBC write to licence fee payers and ask what they like about the BBC and what they don't like?

My likes-2018....
BBC Iplayer TV and Radio-so I can watch/listen to what I like when I like
BBC News app for my phone
Almost all R4 output, especially the 18.00 R4 News bulletin
Selective R2 output
DAB listening for the car

My dislikes-2018...
The very dull BBC TV News channel and the dreadful Breakfast TV
The persistent need to chase audience figures against Independent output.
Game shows, reality programmes.
Sport incessantly mucking up/clashing regular TV output.
Radio 2 DJs all going on holiday together during the summer and every "half term"

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