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Woofferton SOLD (Read 558 times)
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Woofferton SOLD
Sep 4th, 2018, 8:08pm
According to this site, Babcock (who owned the UK's last remaining shortwave transmitting station (Woofferton), and who operated the BBC Short- and medium- wave relay stations on Ascension Island, Cyprus, Oman and Singapore, has sold their media operations to US based Encompass.

More about Encompass here, at their "Company Overview" web-site.

About Encompass Digital Media

Encompass is a global technology services company focused on supporting TV networks, broadcasters, sports leagues and digital leaders with the delivery of their linear/nonlinear video content across television and digital platforms. Services include: global transmission and connectivity, channel playout, OTT/TV streaming and VOD, live events and disaster recovery.

Source here.

Woofferton....accoring to Wikipedia...

"The Woofferton transmitting station is the last remaining UK shortwave broadcasting site, located at Woofferton, south of Ludlow, Shropshire, England. The large site spreads across into neighbouring Herefordshire.
The station was originally built by the BBC during World War II to house additional shortwave (HF) broadcasting transmitters. It had six 50 kW RCA transmitters, obtained by lend-lease. The site has been modernised many times over the years and is now DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) capable providing daily digital radio programmes. Woofferton is used to broadcast shortwave radio programmes on HF 4 MHz - 26 MHz to Europe, Russia, North/Central Africa, Middle East and South America for BBC World Service , Deutsche Welle, Voice of America, Voice of Vietnam just to name a few key international broadcasters. The site is also used for satellite communications and monitoring."

Wikipedia goes on to add....


All the BBC’s transmitting facilities were privatised in the 1990s. The shortwave sites were sold to Merlin Communications, which was acquired by VT Group plc trading under the name VT Communications until acquired by Babcock International Group in March 2010."

And then sold to Encompass.

More about Babcock (specifically Radio Distribution), here..

"Woofferton- the last remaining shortwave broadcast transmitting station IN the UK"

Ascension Island.. "The Times" ran an article last year (17/12/2017) saying

"There should surely be a queue down the street for a steady job in a subtropical climate with beautiful beaches and ocean views, especially after you have climbed a 413ft radio mast.

But contractors running the BBC Atlantic relay station on Ascension Island in the south Atlantic have had to readvertise a post for a full-time antenna maintenance supervisor. It may not be the job of everyone’s dreams, but it would suit anyone with a head for heights and a longing to get away from it all.

The station, run by Babcock International, relays the BBC World Service’s radio programmes from London to millions of listeners in Africa and South America."

Source:-  "Fancy the chance to live the high life on Ascension Island?".

From Babcock's site (Dated 2016):-

"The BBC’s Atlantic Relay Station on Ascension Island celebrates its 50th anniversary this July. Operated by Babcock since 1997, the station’s unique location in the South Atlantic Ocean, 1,600 km from Africa and 2,250 km from South America, makes it an essential link in the overseas relay network operated by Babcock on behalf of the BBC."

Babcock's site is proud of their history:-

Babcock International traces its history back to 1891 when Babcock Wilcox Ltd was established in the UK. Its pioneering spirit in engineering was applied to a variety of technological areas and in 1936 we designed and built the world famous Alexandra Palace transmitter in London - still in use today."

According to this Babcock Press release
"The contract was awarded to Babcock following a rigorous competitive process. It is designed to ensure that the BBC receives the optimum value for money that continues to deliver high levels of service for its audience. The contract start date is 1 April 2012; it is worth circa £200 million over 10 years."

Thanks to Chris Greenway for the notification.
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