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Local News Partnership- update (Read 186 times)
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Local News Partnership- update
Jul 12th, 2018, 10:58am
Ian Burrell writes in his regular "The Drum" column "The News Business",  that the "BBC claims it has 'created a new editorial resource’ as cache of 11,000 stories is unearthed."

This scheme, launched in January and funded from the TV Licence fee, operates 'The Local Democracy Reporter Service- (LRDS) - is based in Birmingham.

The whole article is here, in which he describes the forthcoming Partnership scheme involving "The News Hub" from where local news organisations will be able to take pieces of BBC video and audio news for embedding in their own content."

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Re: Local News Partnership- update
Reply #1 - Jul 13th, 2018, 11:52am
Quite a number of now-retired former local radio news producers and reporters will be choking down a giant scoff at this claim of "discovering a new news resource".  Those of us who spent hours "milking the minutes" and attending late night council meetings before labouring over a hot editing machine know that these stories were always there for any energetic news reporter to find. Local radio got lazy and relied too much on local papers for stories and when the proprietors'  accountants made them sterile   shadows of their former beings Auntie was content to fill bulletins and breakfast programmes with froth. In the two decades that followed, councils had a field day, stripping out local democracy and ramping up chief officer salaries. No-one was there to report it. Local journalism, both radio and print, is in a dire state.
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