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Alexandra Palace (Read 2712 times)
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Alexandra Palace
Jun 6th, 2018, 1:49pm
James White - The consultant Curator for Alexandra Palace has written about a new "BBC R&D department" project here.

He writes:- "Ultimately the BBC studios at Alexandra Palace offer more stories than we could possibly fit into one app. By experimenting with the VR format and exploring which narratives work in the spaces, we hope to get a better sense of how we use physical spaces, and how we work with VR as a new medium."

The link will take you through various aspects of VR and the future possibilities that it might have....

Perhaps "VR" is the next century's "TV" ?

(If not sooner). Think in three dimensions rather than two.

BBC R&D Reality Labs.... here

"At BBC R&D our job is to help the BBC understand more about what these technologies might offer our audience and to influence and contribute to developments in technology, from editorial, through to production, distribution and consumption. There is already a lot of activity in the wider industry, particularly focused on gaming: our focus is instead on how this technology can complement the kind of content that the BBC produces, so we are looking at applications that focus on areas such as journalism, narrative and educational content, rather than a pure ‘gaming’ experience. It is still very early days for this, with no established editorial guidelines, production pipelines or universal distribution methods, and care is needed to identify the end-user experiences that will truly benefit from 360 or VR technology rather than simply creating a brief ‘wow’ moment.".
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Re: Alexandra Palace
Reply #1 - Jun 6th, 2018, 1:51pm
In the 1930’s..

How many Radio people described TV as “a passing phase, it’ll never work”?

Are we in danger of regarding "VR" in a similar fashion? Presently associated with 'Games', how long before a BBC News Channel report is broadcast in VR with the reporter out of shot, or (virtually) 'behind us'?

“BBC VR News’?
Perhaps the rapid spread of high-speed internet might alter the perception of 'bandwidth', and 'choice', and result might be greater depth (of understanding).

Quality and Respected Journalism is the bedrock of the BBC and no matter how it is heard, or viewed.
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