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Prospero-Benefits Package,February 2018 edition (Read 2208 times)
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Prospero-Benefits Package,February 2018 edition
Feb 9th, 2018, 4:37pm
Have noticed the above fairly recent regular editorial addition to Prospero-usually on page 2- and always read it with interest. In the feb article on State Pensions,, it occurs to me that BBC Pensioners , in receipt of a BBC pension,might be confused by the paper's summary of impending 2018 rises in their State Pension. In the article, reference is correctly made to a higher rise- in terms-being given to those in receipt of the new State Pension in comparison to those receiving the old.
I think I am right in assuming that whilst there are indeed BBC Pensioners who may be receiving the new State Pension--very few-if any, will be receiving the FULL new 164.34 amount.
I've read umpteen times elsewhere that when the new State Pension came into play-you only got the full amount of that at state pension age because you were not in possession of a company pension?
A BBC pension IS a company pension.

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Re: Prospero-Benefits Package,February 2018 edition
Reply #1 - Feb 9th, 2018, 5:20pm
Prospero (February 2018) may be found as a pdf file here.
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Re: Prospero-Benefits Package,February 2018 edition
Reply #2 - Feb 10th, 2018, 11:02am
I reached the State Pension age at the end of April 2016, just a few weeks after the introduction of the higher rate. I had thought that I would get the higher rate, but because I had been contracted out by working for the BBC, that ws not the case.

In fact I was told that under these new rules, I should have got less than under the old rules!!  My pension could have been only 60 a week. The Government Pension Service told me that due to these changes, I would not lose out and my pension became about 120 a week.

I  doubt if anyone who is a BBC pensioner could get the 164 a week.
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