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Question: "Thought For The Day"

No change- keep it going    
  16 (64.0%)
Drop the slot    
  4 (16.0%)
Change the format    
  1 (4.0%)
More diversity    
  0 (0.0%)
"Never listen"    
  4 (16.0%)

Total votes: 25
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"Thought For the Day" (Read 236 times)
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"Thought For the Day"
Oct 31st, 2017, 1:51pm
Questions are being asked in very high places.. so what do you think?

Should the three minute slot in Radio 4's "Today Programme" be dropped?

Like it, or loath it, the 3 minute slot has been broadcast for over 40 years at about 0745.

Due to new OFCOM rules- changes may be imminent.

What do you think- are you bothered?

More, via Wikipedia, here.

More from the BBC "Thought For The Day" site here.
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Re: "Thought For the Day"
Reply #1 - Oct 31st, 2017, 2:03pm
Why is it being dropped--are listeners leaving in droves or is it just to suit editorial needs?

If the latter-that's good-they can focus and raise their game. Perhaps they should  also drop the sports section at 7.25 which thoroughly clutters. Imagine BBC2's Newsnight with a section on sport?
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