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Message started by John on Nov 3rd, 2023, 12:30pm

Title: Mike Bunting
Post by John on Nov 3rd, 2023, 12:30pm

Jean Bunting has said that Mike passed away on Saturday 28th October.
Mike had been in the hospital for eight weeks, having been moved from the main hospital to a rehab hospital. †He initially went in because he had an infection of some kind. He was up and down quite a lot until they got the infection under control and then went to the rehab centre. He got a UTI while he was there, and had just begun to improve and on Saturday last, three of the children visited him they all had a very happy time looking at his photo album with him and reminiscing and he was interacting with them and speaking better than he had for a long time, but, isnít there always a Ďbutí? They left him about 2.30 when he had dozed off to sleep.

The hospital phoned me at 7.30 to say he had been confirmed dead at 5.30. It was very sudden. One minute he was sleeping and then someone noticed he was breathing. We went straight to the hospital and were there when the Police came (representing the coroner) and I had to confirm that it was him. The reason for the coroner was because it was a sudden death and he was in a rehab centre where very few people die.

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