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Message started by apcwmwl on Apr 21st, 2020, 8:35am

Title: ITV Good Morning Today
Post by apcwmwl on Apr 21st, 2020, 8:35am

I have just watched 15 minutes from about 8.45 of ITV's Good Morning. Piers Morgan & Susannah Reid interviewed Government Minister Simon Clarke & tied him in knots. It was stunning to realise that he had no concept of the difference between Statistics rolled out by his government and the numbers published in respectable newspapers regarding deaths due to Covid - 19.

This was in total contrast to the earlier deferential approach of Dan Walker & Louise Minchin on BBC Breakfast. We are all aware of the eggshells the "BBC" is walking on over any animosity towards the present government since the very future of "auntie" will be visited upon in the not too distant future, but there can be no excuse for the softly,softly approach currently being taken by BBC News.

Please let Paxman & Neil return to the fray daily so that the ill-informed and evasive characters purportedly governing our country can be more readily held to account.

I'm sure that the programme will be available on ITV Hub a little later today, probably within the hour, and can be highly recommended to any one of our colleagues who are unhappy with the way in which the editorial wing of the BBC is kowtowing to the Westminster incompetants.

There are lessons to be learned!  

Title: Re: ITV Good Morning Today
Post by Burstner55 on Apr 21st, 2020, 7:21pm

Couldn't agree more.  But it doesn't stop at Breakfast progs. Our regional tv station has just become a 30 minute songs of praise to the emergency service, completely forgetting about the many other stories that affect our daily lives. Nobody in the Beeb is questioning anything. Falling for the party line on such things as heavy handed policing and other infringements on our liberty such as the story tonight that countryfolk think we townies are going to infect them by walking on "their" footpaths.  I have seen very little use of the stricture we used to call "balance". Even my favourite journo, Laura Kuensberg, seems to have taken, or been told to take, a softer line.
Paxo, your country needs you.

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