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Message started by Burstner55 on Jan 29th, 2020, 3:16pm

Title: 450 news jobs to go.
Post by Burstner55 on Jan 29th, 2020, 3:16pm

So Lord Hall makes sure he is walking away and then lets loose the dogs of war? I would be surprised if the unions take the news lying down.  In previous years when "news" have been told they are to be cut back it has led to strife.  What makes me angry about it is that they are cutting back on "serious" broadcast news and giving more emphasis to the daily tripe they call "digital".  Did I say daily?   There are many days in which the same rubbish stories, especially those with an element of sex/gender/diversity, stick around on the screen for a week or more.   The online news pages are a joke. Standards of writing, analysis and journalism are appalling.  Nobody is subbing the stuff and for the most part it bears precious little relationship to real life. The BBC is writing its own obituary. I'm looking forward to The Times Radio. At this rate it can't fail.

Title: Re: 450 news jobs to go.
Post by Administrator on Jan 29th, 2020, 5:40pm

BBC News report, here.

The Press Gazette has a report, here.

Title: Re: 450 news jobs to go.
Post by Administrator on Jan 29th, 2020, 11:26pm

Amol Rajan, the BBC's media editor, has written a blog, here.

"A radical experiment, at an uncertain time, for BBC News"

Title: Re: 450 news jobs to go.
Post by JohnW on Jan 30th, 2020, 12:44am

I'm personally of the opinion that, rather than the 'linear' version, it's the digital feed of News that needs to be cut back - but then I am in my 70s, white and living in the Home Counties.
However I do pay my License fee, willingly (although I'm not sure for just how much longer!) and I do watch 'linear' television rather more than its 'offline' sibling - if only because the broadband service here is still so poor.

I'd rather that some of the top executives of BBC News (who actually affect little of what I watch on a daily basis) along with the idiots in HR, be pushed out unceremoniously: after all they've had over a year to sort out 'equality of pay' for the presenting staff (an issue that has probably cost several million in compensation) and they STILL can't get their ideas properly sorted out. The phrase "They're simply not listening to us, the people" was reckoned to be part of the reason why the most recent General Election went in an unexpected direction for many constituencies in the North: I think it could well be applied to the top brass at the BBC right now.

It's situations like this that are giving many younger people the idea that really they don't have to pay to see/watch or hear their 'entertainment' - after all they can watch programmes from "BBC ||!" for free on the internet. And with comments from the likes of Gary "Walkers" Lineker suggesting that paying the license fee should be voluntary, when the Tory government are considering the decriminalisation of non-payment, it seems to me that the best course of action would actually be to concentrate on terrestrial TV output and cut off the internet digital feed altogether. If they're not paying for it, then they can watch "the opposition" and endure their advertising inserts.

BBC News is not perfect - far from it! - but it's good at doing what it does for the main part. It just needs  it's political bias resetting.
Let's hope that the next DG is actually someone who has the balls to stand up to the government and tell them to "Butt out!" and leave the BBC to be truly independent of government.

Title: Re: 450 news jobs to go.
Post by WG on Jan 30th, 2020, 10:31am

As expected-lots of detail re the bad news/cuts with presumably individuals and posts highlighted. Plus of course-the use of expensive freelancers/presenters reduced, if not removed, from operating budgets .

On the surface this looks like purely a salami slice that the public will hardly notice. Is that good?-I don't know, although I will welcome any reduction in endless repeats of BBCNews tv reports, sending radio reporters off to glossy shores(why?) or duplication of overseas manpower when international stories break.  
However--there is no detail yet on what exactly will replace this cull other than the usual mantra of needing to go more digital/appeal to the young/do less linear work bla,bla .

I would like to see a much more vibrant and exciting "live" BBC News app, which includes instant access to the latest correspondents reports both in audio/in vision or in writing. I would like to see the new app properly competing with all currently available on line journalism( digital papers/mags). It will annoy the newspapers-but that's life!
Let's see.

Title: Re: 450 news jobs to go.
Post by JohnW on Mar 26th, 2020, 12:11pm

From TVB Europe today (26/3)

"The BBC is suspending its plan to cut 450 jobs in its news operation as it deals with covering the coronavirus pandemic.

In January it was announced the jobs would go as the broadcaster looks to save £80 million by 2022.

Among the programmes affected were The Victoria Derbyshire Show and Newsnight.

DG Tony Hall said some BBC services could be “out of action” due to coronavirus
However, he's now informed staff that the broadcaster will “suspend” those cuts, although didn’t say how long the suspension would last.

It’s thought that decision will be made by Hall’s successor after he steps down as DG in the summer.

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