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Message started by alanh on Dec 30th, 2018, 7:35pm

Title: TA32 50 years
Post by alanh on Dec 30th, 2018, 7:35pm

Today by date, tomorrow by day, saw the start of TA32 50 years ago.  It seems a strange starting date with New Years Day a few days later.  I do not remember if we had lectures on 1st Jan but I would suspect so. Doubt we would have received the generous holiday allowance!
405 Black and White was still going strong, 625 was taking over and BBC2 was about to celebrate 18 months in colour.
I doubt - even after a good night in the Club-that anyone was suggesting multiple colour TV channels direct to home from a satellite.  Definitely not arriving along your telephone line.  Telephone lines were used for phoning family and friends due to the mobile not being there.  
Obviously anything that anybody knew about 4K was it was over four times our salary!
I remember it as a good course with a good crowd.  Apart from one frequent "poster" on this site  (Richard), where are they all now?

Title: Re: TA32 50 years
Post by Dickie Mint on Dec 31st, 2018, 5:09pm


Did I really have to replace the brake shoes on my old Anglia van in the garage to travel home to Manchester?!  The facilities we had then.

I doubt very much that the training Wood Norton gave us stands today; it's all 'medja school'. As evidenced by the poor technical standards seen on programmes today.  

Alas, like everything else 'those were the days'.  We had a lot of fun though!

Did you find the VT Old Boys website, Alan?

There are two references to TA32. But is it the TA32 we know!:

TA32 Course Schedule & Exam Paper

ETD in the Spring of 1969 - TA32

Title: Re: TA32 50 years
Post by alanh on Jan 1st, 2019, 10:06pm

Yes, that was our TA32.  Not that I could answer them now - transistors, dual statndard tv  and what does Q5 even mean!
I see from the Timetable that we did at least get Easter off. I think I can put a face to about half of the lecturers.

I think I did the Television section rather than the Regions section even though I was going to a Region.  Initially I was to be a TA in London but that was changed just before the course started.  

The garage facilities were useful.  I remember having to fix something on my Ford Cortina the night before my final exam of my C Course.  Otherwise I wouldn't have made it to the boat in Heysham along with sacks of sprouts and carrots bought fresh for Christmas.

Yes, found the the VT Old Boys site and one or two others but no picts of TA32.  

Happy New Year


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